She was a sun-kissed catastrophe
Sauntering about abandoned roads
Heels smothered into sharp confinement
Her drunken mirth echoing off the aging leaves

She spun spinning the world with her
A ringlet of foliage burning and blurring
Meshing the heat of desire with an emerald lust
And the world blended into her formless mould

The watchful gaze of a swirling sun
Braided her existence into a dusty vertigo
This was no one’s land and she was no one’s woman
She belonged to the sun’s fire and the earth’s bed of grass

Stumbling through russet groves of hazel limbs
A sanguine vista splaying the last of its fierce affections
Under the emerging stars she collapses by a winding creek
As nightfall struggled to numb the warmth blanketing her sleep


Summertime Symphony

Summertime symphony wreathing our breaths
As tidal tantrums wash over us in a heavenly sigh
Grains of anticipation arguing the chilled arrival
An array of castles collapse freckling the seaside

Standing sentry on a night of summerly submission
Bracing against unfazed unions of internal hailstorms
Whirlwinds of brine beckoning the gliding feathers
As starlit canopies caress a horizon of gilded yawns

Oh, summer…

Surrounded by darkness, I’m sitting

What I’m writing into, provides the only light

The blazing hot weather prevails

Feeling combusted, summer doesn’t feel right


Outlines of windows

Hint the sun is up and glaring

I embrace my nocturnal habits like a kid

Instead of the day, I find the night caring


There’s sleep in my eyes

Threatening to redden the whites

There’s not a puff of wind

Dear lord, I want gusts that kick kites!


A piece of cake lures my grumbling tummy

My lips are parched, thirsty for a drink

There’re months for monsoon to overtake

Till then in heat we shall roast, in sweat we shall sink.



That’s how I’m feeling. Gosh, IT’S SO HOT. 😦

— Pratty

Some goals accomplished

In this summer to-do list I mentioned starting new oil paintings and starting acrylic painting.

Well, two goals accomplished. I did my first palette knife paining with a makeshift palette knife thingy I made by flattening a spoon, ’cause I’m crafty like that. Anyway, it’s been a week of firsts. It was also my first painting of poppies! 🙂 Now, we don’t have poppies here in India (and if we do – definitely not in my region) so I’m not too familiar with them. But. I tried.

It’s still incomplete. Since the layer is so thick, it needs an abundance of drying time! Oil paint. Sigh.


Sitting on my easel, haha. ^_^ I know, they look naught like poppies, but hey! I’ve got plenty of time to finish them. Might improve, if patient.

Currently I don’t have a picture of my first acrylic painting done with proper palette knives. It requires some tweaking, then will be up on here. It’s nothing grand, though. Just a 20x25cm thing. 

The list also included some photography. The pictures I clicked recently aren’t of photography caliber, but I guess they’ll count.

Wiry problems

Wiry problems. That’s an electrician with a ladder, leaning against an electric pole with tangled wires. ‘Cause, well, summer is a synonym of power cuts and similar problems, here.

kids playing

Kids playing outside. *wipes happy tears*

I’m also kind of thinking of making a movie thingy of sorts.

Looks like there won’t be much time to read books… Maybe I’ll just have to squeeze sleep, reading, and food into whatever crevices my schedule has left.

— Pratty

This summer morning

It’s summer, it’s supposed to be blazing by 7am, but nope! Today, it wasn’t darn-it’s-hot during those hours. In fact, it was breezy. For a while.

After 5 years I did some photography. I still remember the day when I got my first camera. It was my 8th birthday, and the gift was a delightful surprise.

Something, something felt different today. I got my sis’s cam out, and went on clicking till all the images and the familiar thrill of photography had filled me with glee. It was that feeling that makes you wanna throw your head back and laugh with tears streaming down your cheeks, and you’re happy! I love it.

1 final

Things that sit abandoned

Things that sit abandoned.

6 final

My darlings. Haha.

8 - final

That shade of blue…

 11 final

I really liked this click but it turned out all hazy. Sigh.


15 - final

So random yet it has a meaning – My fave squirrels’ fave climbing spot. Heh.

12 - final

Window to a neighbourhood


After running around capturing stuff, I thought I’d better work on my blog, that’s when I came across Krishna Shenoi’s blog. So glad I did.

– Pratyusha

P.S: Zeudon is my pseudo