At peace

“You beautiful, beautiful rain. Thanks for letting me breathe under your fluffy wings, and get drenched in your soul-soothing showers.

I haven’t felt this happy, and liberated since the day I gave myself a haircut.”

— My Facebook status yesterday.

I swear, I cannot put into words what an incredible day it was yesterday. It was an hour from sunset, sis and I, we were sitting on our terrace and a very light rain started pouring, we didn’t move. We high-fived each other, laughed, sat in silence feeling the raindrops caress our soul, and smiled toward the sky.

Peace at its utmost.

It started pelting harder and sis went to stand by the terrace door, sheltered from the intensifying rain. Can’t blame her, anything too cold results in throat pain.

I stayed under the open sky, the sun was about to set somewhere behind the clouds. The clouds gazed back, swirling in and out of innumerous recognizable shapes. I kept pointing and yelling over the downpour what I saw – a little princess riding a horse, a mid-leap Cocker Spaniel, a stingray and a school of fishes, a rodeo, and so on.

I hummed to my own tune, swayed, danced, urged my sister to step out and dance with me, held out my arms to the wind – embraced it in my mind. It was all like something from a lovely dream, like being in a poem someone’s writing.

It felt as if all my sorrows had been washed away. For some reason these four words kept repeating themselves in my head like a whisper – “The moment is now.” The moment for what, I know not. Maybe to live in the moment. But what I do know is that I am now at peace.

Me. Posing. For sis.

I hope everyone’s been having a wonderful week as well!

Much love,



The sunshine after a rain


SQUIRREL. I mean, finally. I had to zoom so much, and run around trying to follow its movements. And all I could get was this one click. To me it’s kinda precious. 🙂 I love squirrels. 😀

Squirrel by allthingszeudon_wordpress

Another zoomed shot of a rather small creature.

dragon by pratyusha - allthingszeudon.wordpress

Birdie. 😀

bird by Pratyusha - allthingszeudon.wordpress

I had posted a similar pic once, the difference is that now a Peepal/Bo-Tree has sprouted there. o.O

Peepal by Pratyusha - allthingszeudon.wordpress

P.S: I won’t be watermarking my stuff as Zeudon anymore… Pseudonyms are fun, but sometimes we lose ourselves behind them.

— Pratty

As I lay here on grass . . .

On the grass here as I lay

Listening to birds sing and sway

Clouds streaked with purple and red

Shaped bizarre, like a clown’s head


Smiling, I hum a tune I hadn’t before known

A sweet melody, in me it felt sown

I sketch the skittering squirrels in my mind

Black clouds cover the sky, echoing with grinds


Wind plays my hair around my face, then dust

The first raindrops sweeten my lips, and earth’s crust

The divine feeling, I feel myself melting

I lay here on grass, as the rain starts pelting




Aaaand with this my 30-poems-in-15-days NaPoWriMo challenge completes! I’ll probably just write a post about how great it feels. xD


— Pratty