Summer Soliloquy

When the afternoon thought it could gauge the energy seeping out

Of my body as I lay sprawled in the summer heat

Not a thought of you lancing my thoughts, at all

But some deserted town within me echoed as I slipped

Into a slumber


Slipped into a slumber I wake up with my arms

Locked around you in yearning and yours

Yours wrapped me in the remembrance

I have spent years of my lonesomeness eluding


But in my waking hours when you visit as a memory from a siesta

Dull aches erupt in my chest, shapes of your words giving them form

Your words, memories and exactness of which, are gone

And I refrain from adding cliché to this monologue

To abstain from saying,

“And so are you.”




And I have once again 
Been abandoned 
By Inspiration 
For I was far too
Taken by
The workings of Motivation 
As I tried to decipher 
Patterns that initiate
And put into motion
Actions from ideas
Ideas from thoughts 
Thoughts from the array
Of awareness 
Transparent, translucent, opaque 
The alert, semi-alert, and asleep 
Major contributing factors 
Into the craftsmanship 
Of all that exists 
Through humanity 
And Inspiration
The midwife 
So instrumental
In the deliveries 
Of human spawned 
Lively and inanimate 
Escaped me
She left me
After a brief reunion 
Of love making 
Of bleeding poetry 
She left me
For I was far too taken
By her brother’s masculinity 
Bearer of burdens 
Charioteer of creators
Effeminate seducer 
Lithe, subliminal articulater 
Shapeshifter like his sister 
Weight-lifter like me
And I could feel his gaze 
Graze over my collarbone 
From where my load grew
On to my back 
My coward spine 
I was hypnotized 
By his hypnotic charms
Ruminating over fantasies 
While Inspiration 
Slept in my arms 
Till she left me
For my unfazed unfaithfulness 
For fantasizing over her brother 
And he
He left me
For climbing into his arms
Empty of anything Inspiration 
Had filled me with 
He said I was a pitcher 
And empty
For I could hold neither 
And be full
And I said
I thought 
Long after they were gone
How foolish and mesmerized 
By them I had been
How disarmed by 
The ultimatum
But they left and I thought 
And I came to my overused 
While I had the capacity 
To love one
I was to remain incapacitated 
By my lust
For both