The demon sitting on my chest
Is the only weight I feel
I’m the pet, it’s the master
It commands and I steal

I thieve myself
Of my time and peace
Clanging chains deafen me
And I, respond only to the leash


Summer Soliloquy

When the afternoon thought it could gauge the energy seeping out

Of my body as I lay sprawled in the summer heat

Not a thought of you lancing my thoughts, at all

But some deserted town within me echoed as I slipped

Into a slumber


Slipped into a slumber I wake up with my arms

Locked around you in yearning and yours

Yours wrapped me in the remembrance

I have spent years of my lonesomeness eluding


But in my waking hours when you visit as a memory from a siesta

Dull aches erupt in my chest, shapes of your words giving them form

Your words, memories and exactness of which, are gone

And I refrain from adding cliché to this monologue

To abstain from saying,

“And so are you.”


I witchness

Into a new character I shall writ myself today

Birthing a perspective till now concealed

A sapling I’ll plant and its nature, reveal


Not a forest of abundance and prosperity

But one of, twisted boughs and thorny vines



I am, I am

Controlling the realms I flow into

The rawness of wounds I give

Cut from minerals of my steel


I declare, painting myself as a witch

Only a cacophony of denials I meet with


Clutching their unfortunate chests they claim

My affections to be holy and pure

Unbeknownst that barbs and marred skin

Feel the same

Night Vision

We were merely two wolves
Carrying embankments in our howling chests
Falling for our moons, in reflections of disturbed ponds
Acquaintances we were, of parallel woods
Not much thought spared
Other than the occasional, the customary
We were merely two wolves
Streaking through the wilderness
Within and without
Barely touching borders
Barely touching
Each other
And now nights roll out, carpets of moss to tread on
I hear you, I hear us
Soft padded thuds, footsteps or simply what we feel?
We howl, not echoing each other
For we let out the sorrows clawing our subdued eyes
Can I rest my tired head against your shoulder?
Guarding these walls has drained me
The reminders ache in the form of thorns embedded
Can I rest my head against yours?
It’s a quiet place of peace
Where our borders merge
A silent breathing space of no-meaning
Yet as we breathe us in, I wonder
When did darkness become a silhouette
Of warmth?