Summer Soliloquy

When the afternoon thought it could gauge the energy seeping out

Of my body as I lay sprawled in the summer heat

Not a thought of you lancing my thoughts, at all

But some deserted town within me echoed as I slipped

Into a slumber


Slipped into a slumber I wake up with my arms

Locked around you in yearning and yours

Yours wrapped me in the remembrance

I have spent years of my lonesomeness eluding


But in my waking hours when you visit as a memory from a siesta

Dull aches erupt in my chest, shapes of your words giving them form

Your words, memories and exactness of which, are gone

And I refrain from adding cliché to this monologue

To abstain from saying,

“And so are you.”



I witchness

Into a new character I shall writ myself today

Birthing a perspective till now concealed

A sapling I’ll plant and its nature, reveal


Not a forest of abundance and prosperity

But one of, twisted boughs and thorny vines



I am, I am

Controlling the realms I flow into

The rawness of wounds I give

Cut from minerals of my steel


I declare, painting myself as a witch

Only a cacophony of denials I meet with


Clutching their unfortunate chests they claim

My affections to be holy and pure

Unbeknownst that barbs and marred skin

Feel the same


Let’s put the kettle on 
A book, a sheet, and a song
Let the wrists find their ways
Around twists, yawns 
And hypnotic sways 
The wind, the shore 
Fill the remaining silence 
We trance to our unusual 
Carefree alliance 
Discordant and lost 
We hum the chorus 
Not attractions
But the moment 
Is allowed to lure us

NaPoWriMo ’14 – Conquered.

NaPoWriMo done. Whoop!

Completing this challenge establishes in me a sense of accomplishment, which I think is essential for my writing. So I don’t slack.

I counted and realized I’ve posted 43 poems during these 30 days.

While I think that’s a lot, I’ve actually written some more stuff in my notebook which I haven’t posted on here. What a month of writing. A month of joy.

And I’m so glad I’ve come across some amazing fellow poets through NaPoWriMo. I’m in absolute awe of their works. Keep it up, guys! 😀

I should sleep now. 05:15 am already. Good night/morning! 🙂


Much love,




‘Twas the iceberg sinking friendships


Poisoning my being


Blocking blossoms


Giver of restlessness


I uprooted it with my teeth


Venom dripping from my mouth

Anger, gone

It put me to sleep

Anger, dead

I woke up, calmer

Anger, nonexistent

Me, experiencing life better




My last one for NaPoWriMo. 🙂

What I need

Sometimes all I want
Is a handful of solitude
A little corner space
Where my mind can race
And I am not asked
What am I writing?
What am I painting?
No enunciated judgement
Greeting my ears
Just me and my tanhai
A place, just a place
Where in words I bleed
And this bleeding
Is just what I need




Tanhai = loneliness