‘Twas the iceberg sinking friendships


Poisoning my being


Blocking blossoms


Giver of restlessness


I uprooted it with my teeth


Venom dripping from my mouth

Anger, gone

It put me to sleep

Anger, dead

I woke up, calmer

Anger, nonexistent

Me, experiencing life better




My last one for NaPoWriMo. 🙂



There’s something I find deeply satisfying about acknowledging mortality.

The delicious color red of the salty water rushing through my arteries is beautiful.

Those small undefinable moments… Lying on the ultrasound bed, staring at the ceiling, listening to the doctor say, “Pancreas – Okay. Gallbladder – Okay. Liver–“, I’d felt so human. Even through my nervousness I smiled and my mind bicycled back to forgotten classrooms and voices teaching us of organs, and the vivid diagrams in our textbooks.

I’m human!

How silly. How true. How lovely.

When a needle draws blood from my veins, that looking away and clutching my sister’s hand tightly, then meekly stealing a glance at the syringe, it’s beautiful.


I’m smaller than a speck in eternity’s vortex.

I’m mortal, and it’s beautiful.

At peace

“You beautiful, beautiful rain. Thanks for letting me breathe under your fluffy wings, and get drenched in your soul-soothing showers.

I haven’t felt this happy, and liberated since the day I gave myself a haircut.”

— My Facebook status yesterday.

I swear, I cannot put into words what an incredible day it was yesterday. It was an hour from sunset, sis and I, we were sitting on our terrace and a very light rain started pouring, we didn’t move. We high-fived each other, laughed, sat in silence feeling the raindrops caress our soul, and smiled toward the sky.

Peace at its utmost.

It started pelting harder and sis went to stand by the terrace door, sheltered from the intensifying rain. Can’t blame her, anything too cold results in throat pain.

I stayed under the open sky, the sun was about to set somewhere behind the clouds. The clouds gazed back, swirling in and out of innumerous recognizable shapes. I kept pointing and yelling over the downpour what I saw – a little princess riding a horse, a mid-leap Cocker Spaniel, a stingray and a school of fishes, a rodeo, and so on.

I hummed to my own tune, swayed, danced, urged my sister to step out and dance with me, held out my arms to the wind – embraced it in my mind. It was all like something from a lovely dream, like being in a poem someone’s writing.

It felt as if all my sorrows had been washed away. For some reason these four words kept repeating themselves in my head like a whisper – “The moment is now.” The moment for what, I know not. Maybe to live in the moment. But what I do know is that I am now at peace.

Me. Posing. For sis.

I hope everyone’s been having a wonderful week as well!

Much love,


Blog’s 1st Anniversary AND 100 follows!


Wow. This day just got better!
I remember starting this blog as a way to save my works, in a quiet corner of the cyber world, where no one will see it.

Boy, little did I know that I was miles away from the truth. On WordPress I found a community full of warmth, and enthusiasm, be it for their own work or other’s.

Writers, photographers, movie and cooking enthusiasts, and more. I found them all under one roof, for which I’m grateful. I needed that exposure. That feeling of fitting in yet standing out. I love how everyone responds here, and is kind.

A place full of acceptance, appreciation and constructive criticism. Ah, I love it.

And I’m grateful to each and every one of you for making this experience, this journey of mine so special.

Thank you!

Lots and lots of virtual cookies to y’all! (I might bake some for real, to celebrate and fulfill this week’s baking quota.)

Much love,



Hey there fellas!

I’m pretty much back and will be posting again with much more regularity.

To be honest, I really truly missed the WordPress community. It’s always been so warm and welcoming.

While I was away, I’ve been writing a bit, crocheting, and stuff. Had a rough time, but got through eventually.

Since I couldn’t be on computer often the past year, I couldn’t post much. I also didn’t post the acceptance-and-gratitude posts when I received the two(/three) awards I got here, for which I apologize. I’ve been so on-and-off here and it required at least listing 10 blogs each and I didn’t quite follow that many ardently back then. Plus it demanded time on computer which I lacked. So. Sorry.

Regrets aside, I wonder if anyone still remembers my blog on here? Even if they don’t, they’ll do pretty soon. 😀 One does not simply forget Pratty. Heh.

Glad to be back. I hope everyone’s doing fine!

Much love,