As I lay here on grass . . .

On the grass here as I lay

Listening to birds sing and sway

Clouds streaked with purple and red

Shaped bizarre, like a clown’s head


Smiling, I hum a tune I hadn’t before known

A sweet melody, in me it felt sown

I sketch the skittering squirrels in my mind

Black clouds cover the sky, echoing with grinds


Wind plays my hair around my face, then dust

The first raindrops sweeten my lips, and earth’s crust

The divine feeling, I feel myself melting

I lay here on grass, as the rain starts pelting




Aaaand with this my 30-poems-in-15-days NaPoWriMo challenge completes! I’ll probably just write a post about how great it feels. xD


— Pratty


Confront it

“Truth alone triumphs”

I’ve heard it many a times

After emerging from my darkest phase

Those words clink in chimes


They say you can’t be truthful to all

They say having survived basilisk venom

Is nothing and will only lead to your downfall

They say your will power’s nothing, its quantum


They’re running from the inevitable truth

They believe in fiction to the point of over-obsession

Wounded, you’ve dragged yourself this far

You hold on to your reality, prepared for confrontation


Generations seek escape in fantasy

Those fantasies, fictions, bring me closer to truth

Help me get the bigger picture, see through the fog

The mist created by tragedies, may have made me uncouth


They cling to their darkness

Letting it swallow their soul

They’d rather rot to misery than

Stop it from gobbling them whole


Necessary I do not consider defending my beliefs

My ideals keep me afloat

On these puddles deep

They’re on what I sail, strong, my boat


There is truth, there is silence

I cannot be truthful to all

Honesty towards the wrong people

Can only indicate downfall


Reality is just that stubborn bully

They always have a chink in their armour

And if they don’t, maybe they’re armour-less

They only need to be dealt in ways calmer


Do not escape your reality

Face it!

Embrace your reality

Confront it!



One more to go! If my internet didn’t stop working every few minutes, it’d have been up by now. :/

— Pratty

A drop and an embodiment

I am a drop of water

I can save a life, quench your thirst

I am an embodiment of water

Not to you, but to nature I belong first


I am a drop of water

Can make differences where cures are concerned

I am an embodiment of water

I relieve your pain, any area that’s burned


I am a drop of water

Made of molecules, carrying lives

I am an embodiment of water

Where a dolphin freely no longer dives


I am a drop of water

Pure, when falling from heavens

I am an embodiment of water

Now considered as acid rains


I am a drop of water

Adding colour to your dry world

I am an embodiment of water

Of me are born new leaves, vines curled


I am a drop of water

Not residing in vast deserts, yet

I am an embodiment of water

Can make you delusionally fret


I am a drop of water

Vulnerable like you, can vaporize

I am an embodiment of water

I can freeze you to death, pulverize


I am a drop of water

In me I can contain a universe

I am an embodiment of water

You’re letting me go waste, reverse.


I am a drop of water

I have given you life

I am an embodiment of water

You unleashed a curse, now I’m a monster

Drowning your selfish life

Oh, summer…

Surrounded by darkness, I’m sitting

What I’m writing into, provides the only light

The blazing hot weather prevails

Feeling combusted, summer doesn’t feel right


Outlines of windows

Hint the sun is up and glaring

I embrace my nocturnal habits like a kid

Instead of the day, I find the night caring


There’s sleep in my eyes

Threatening to redden the whites

There’s not a puff of wind

Dear lord, I want gusts that kick kites!


A piece of cake lures my grumbling tummy

My lips are parched, thirsty for a drink

There’re months for monsoon to overtake

Till then in heat we shall roast, in sweat we shall sink.



That’s how I’m feeling. Gosh, IT’S SO HOT. 😦

— Pratty

Clever – not

Skipping down the creek

We decide to play hide and seek

Everyone goes hides and I sneak

Across the water, into the forest bleak


These were forbidden woods, but hey

Why should I believe everything the adults say?

They said something lives here, hunting for prey

Unhindered, I thought, why waste such a nice day?


Around the edges, behind a boulder I hid

Peeking at others, chuckling to myself at what I did

Clever, wasn’t I? I gleefully think, clever kid

At my hiding place none of them would bid


After sundown, it would be as dark as a coal

I wish they’d at least look across at this hidden soul!

Are they going home? Won’t they seek me, winning the goal?

Then none of it mattered; when I heard the most ravenous growl


The librarian went out for a chore

I read, and read, till my bones were sore

Putting back the books, I return, but notice a door

What was it doing here? It wasn’t there before


Rusty brown and dusty, a sign read “KEEP OUT”

Curiosity tickled my tiredness, and then I heard a shout

It wasn’t Mr. John’s voice, he was out, right?

Whoa, wait! Suddenly the door doubled, growing in height!


Was sleep deprivation taking its toll? I couldn’t believe!

It grew magnificently! So huge, to open it I couldn’t heave!

I knocked cautiously; it resonated off with a twang

I stood back and gasped, as it opened – clang!


Scuttling a shadow loomed above, through the crack

In a dark hall, I stood glued, of the events – unable to keep track

This must be a dream, through me weird notions tore

Blinking hard, I turn, but the library wasn’t there anymore!


The doors were slowly pulled back; I seemed to fear the unknown

Out stepped a tiny human, 3 feet tall, but fully grown!

He was about to speak but I began to stammer “Where am I?”

He replied in a high pitched tone, “Do not fear! Do not shy!”


His smile turned into an evil sneer, through the floor broke vines

Vicious, lashing! The man flashed into a hellhound, snapping canines!

I yelled, I screamed, yet was somehow rooted to the spot

They came at me, whipping, I yelled! Everything stank of rot


Losing consciousness, I blink, with each blink something fades

By the tenth blink, the hall’s been deserted by nightmarish parades

Must’ve been an illusion, thinking, I sit down, the hall’s haunting

The doors towered me, as if meaning to harm, daunting


Noticing an enormous staircase spiralling its way up

I get up, make for it, a faint tap on my should makes me stop

A cold sensation of fear and darkness through me starts crawling

I scream, shattering windowpanes, the ceiling is then falling


My head’s jerked out of a watery surface, I feel it dripping down

“Austin! Austin!” I hear John say, through the sweat, see him frown

A quick warped glance tells me I’m back at the library, it was a dream

John was asking if I was okay; I was simply choking down another scream


“Go home, Austin”, he said “You’ve been spending too much time here”

Damn right, I thought, nodding; must be losing my mind, I fear

Picked up my bag to leave, he escorted me out, concerned it seems

Missing the hidden outline of a door, I sighed, “Recurring dreams.”



Writing this was fun.


— Pratty


We were in fourth grade

It was “recite a poem you’ve written” day

You said you’ve written one called “Sandcastles”

And I didn’t believe a word you said


You were my best friend, yet

You started reciting it, I heard you speak

I was unaware of your writing, and

What you were saying, I didn’t believe


‘You didn’t write that!’ I think

Why are you lying?

Seeing you lie like that

Almost set me crying


I knew she didn’t write that

Was she trying to belittle the rest?

Was this one of those childish ways,

To cheat your way through a test?


You never told me, seriously

That you wrote stuff

I stare at my kiddish piece of writing

Of your lie, I’d had enough


Disheartened I put my head on the desk

Silently listening you recite

This puts me at unrest

A poem you didn’t even write


Why would this upset me? I think

Is it because hers is better than mine?

Or is it because honesty matters to me heaps

But a lie was making someone shine


I look up, she’s almost done; and I snort

At my thought of “tell a lie” day

Finished, you turn, smile at me

I didn’t believe a word you had just said



6 more to go. 😀

— Pratty

I tremble

The gunshots resounded

Off the snow-capped valley

We couldn’t see the spineless snipers;

And when did, hardly


Loud breathing next to me,

Drilled my rookie ears

My friend lay injured

Smiling, and proud with tears


The gash above his collarbone

If not severe, was deadly

It hit him when we were camped

Hidden quite complexly


Did travelling military students

Make such easy targets?

Didn’t we believe there was

More to our fates?


Stagnancy will do us no good;

I leave my friend to the med

Hurrying to the armoury’s

Makeshift shed


And I’m shot,

Pain electrifies through my body

It buries itself where it hit

My right forearm’s bloody


Gunmen strode out of the tent

Rifles pointed at me

One of them twists my hurt arm behind

Against my back, pinning


Faces half veiled, one of them spoke

In a foreign sounding language

I realized I had to stall till the captain arrives

In conversation keep them engaged


I started pleading in gibberish

Trying to talk animatedly

In an attempt to break free

Pushing who restrained me, outwardly


It worked! They were confounded

I leapt forward, startling the head

Kneeling at his feet, spurting more gibberish

While almost to death I bled


I jerked my head, shouting

He aimed his rifle at me again

With a shocked look I point behind him

I take advantage of their distraction


Next thing I know

The chief’s crying out in pain

His forehead’s at my gun’s point

To others I tell static to remain


One jumps at me and is shot in the belly

I stare at his limp body in horror

My first kill, I think

Of a teenage student, not a juror!


Enraged the third guy threw a knife

It embedded itself in my flesh

Instinctively I shoot at his shoulder

I can smell the blood, theirs and mine, fresh


The chief resists, writhing in my iron grip

I force him down to kneel

He looks up, scared, fearing death

His eyes show the terror he’d wanted me to feel


I prepare myself, to pull the trigger

Right between his eyes, but wait, I tremble

His stare, it pleads; my wounds, they bleed

I swallow hard, I must be strong; my mind, assemble!


Still, I tremble – I ask what he wants

He refuses to speak, just glares

From behind the hill someone shot

The military flares


Back-up, I think

This shouldn’t be necessary, at him I look

He stared, and stared, I tried to calm myself

But terribly my hands shook


Finally, deciding, I raise my arm

He cowers, preparing for death

I hit him hard with the rifle’s end, knocking

Him unconscious; I release my held breath


Reflexes may have taken me over

But I wasn’t the one to decide his fate

While two kills were enough to make me realize

I wasn’t made for this, killing I didn’t love but hate



Only 7 more to go, then my 30-poems-in-15 days NaPoWriMo challenge will be complete! 😀

—  Pratty

The World of Art

There’s a world called art

The world where I belong

But here in this temporal world?

My stay cannot be prolonged


Your world knows naught but chaos

There’s destruction all around

Natural music’s been replaced

With blood-curdling sounds


My kin’s laughed at for its existence

But where would you be without us?

We designed the humanly world you see

Our selflessness, for you has been a plus


We sway to our soul’s harmony

Why is it the subject of your chuckle?

You know not our strength when unified

It’ll force your shallow mockery to buckle


Literature to you is rubbish

Fiction is simply fool hardiness

We literally wrote your entire history

Yet surprising isn’t your selfishness


As you put it, but we disagree

We don’t have our heads in clouds

If we didn’t wing ourselves to ethereal freedom

We’d be bound like you, to the ground


We can’t be shackled to your monetary interests

We’re not slaves to your thinking, realize!

Our minds are wide open, to the universe

Closeted like you, we do not rationalize!


Our world has a secret door to it

You can’t access it without the key

Look deep inside your heart, and listen!

What you’ll hear will let you see


We don’t live on this orb, tied

It might be our home, but no!

We have immeasurable horizons to ourselves!

Pushing our boundaries, we fly! Explore!


We’ve built bridges connecting us

To all the provinces our world can offer

Let us and we’ll help you climb them

Finding an escape from all that you suffer




My internet has kind of abandoned me, and now I’m using my phone as a wi-fi hotspot, but it’s too slow. So I might not be able to post my poems that’ll complete the NaPoWriMo challenge. There still are about 9 or so poems to post which’ll make it 30, Sigh.

— Pratty


She leapt high

Twirled with her white dress

I stood there watching

Awe plastered to my face


The sand was her canvas

Her feet were the brushes

Her strokes were both fierce and passionate

Yet in a way, tremendously intricate


I don’t know who she was

Nor did she ever feel my presence

She was my sweet haunted nightmare

From afar I could feel her rhythmic essence


She danced to her beats

To her soul she called

Every morning, this time

To her soul I was drawn


I was a mere spectator who

Came across this wonder by chance

Watched this muse put her heart out

In my direction she hasn’t once glanced


Is she performing to the ocean gods?

I’d often wonder, as she spun, swayed, did splits

Oh, how wondrous the sight would be

If with a partner she was to do lifts!


Her arms sway

Like branches responding to the wind

Delicate, graceful, with elegant stillness

Then she kneels, her palms down are pinned


For a moment she looks up

My hearts skips a beat

A kind of a sadness buds inside

I retrace my steps, jog away discreet


Did she see me? I hope not

I had started to think of her as a friend

I wouldn’t want this series

Of repetitive and enchanting events to end


Next morning I find that part of the beach empty

Disheartened, I turn, only to find someone staring

From under the shade of a tree – it was she!

She approached, grim, stride that hinted daring


I opened my mouth to apologize, feeling guilty

She held her hand up, silencing me

When she spoke, her voice was captivating

Her words, however, were unexpected


While I stood there agape and she sort of shied

“You’re late, sire. But – coffee?” I stared, she smiled.