Getup madness – Ghostie-ness?

I actually made a “scary” video in this… getup, and forwarded it to my friends who forwarded it to their friends-and-family who freaked out! 🙂


Getup madness. Concept – Domestic abuse

Concept: “Domestic abuse partly hidden behind a veil and a smile.”

Done with colour pencils.

So, I’ve decided to put up my getup-madness on here. Basically when I get super bored or need some kind of distraction, I subconsciously turn to this particular activity.

This is something I’ve been fond of doing since I was . . . Well, a skinny little thing.

Dressing up, messing around mum’s make-up stuff, participating in skits scripted-acted-and-directed by my cousins and I.

But never did I take it seriously, and this picture above, was the first time I considered doing it with a proper concept. When I first showed it to my friends, they . . . freaked out thinking it’s real and got worried and I had to assure them that I’m okay.


I’d love to get some feedback from the WordPress community. Feel free to comment below. 🙂


– Praty