Summer Soliloquy

When the afternoon thought it could gauge the energy seeping out

Of my body as I lay sprawled in the summer heat

Not a thought of you lancing my thoughts, at all

But some deserted town within me echoed as I slipped

Into a slumber


Slipped into a slumber I wake up with my arms

Locked around you in yearning and yours

Yours wrapped me in the remembrance

I have spent years of my lonesomeness eluding


But in my waking hours when you visit as a memory from a siesta

Dull aches erupt in my chest, shapes of your words giving them form

Your words, memories and exactness of which, are gone

And I refrain from adding cliché to this monologue

To abstain from saying,

“And so are you.”



I witchness

Into a new character I shall writ myself today

Birthing a perspective till now concealed

A sapling I’ll plant and its nature, reveal


Not a forest of abundance and prosperity

But one of, twisted boughs and thorny vines



I am, I am

Controlling the realms I flow into

The rawness of wounds I give

Cut from minerals of my steel


I declare, painting myself as a witch

Only a cacophony of denials I meet with


Clutching their unfortunate chests they claim

My affections to be holy and pure

Unbeknownst that barbs and marred skin

Feel the same