We may or may not be the closest friends can be
But your words
Often trigger the mechanism of my poetry
Into action
So silently, that I’m baffled
At how pieces of acknowledgement, expression and more
Could tiptoe out of the hull of this heart
And onto mediums
Which sail it across oceans yawning in between
A cradle of affection lulling thoughts, emotions, and experiences
As we head on towards differently hued sunrays
Braving futures and streets paved with stained glass and moonbeams
Our dreams orbiting focal points of sunrises
We’ll watch, crossing deserts in search of forts from forgotten lore
Down valleys hidden in the folds of Himalayas
And temple ruins you’re so eager to run your hands along the stones of
We met through words and through words we have grown
I could only thank constellations
For a soul like you
That I’ve known


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