Augmentation / Don’t Wait for The Future

Why do we chase the future
And in turn ignore the present?
If we plant a tree and only wait to gather and devour its sweet children
We’ll never know the secure comfort of leaning against its bark
To scratch our palms on the swaying branches
As we aspire to climb higher and higher
We’ll never know the playful stumble around its tangled roots
Or the shade under which we’ll organize our disorganized ideas
Perhaps in the eastern autumn the few leaves that’ll lie martyred
Swirling down in a hypnotic haze will peck a light caress upon a cheek
Should you know how to experience the beauty of fall
Plant a tree and let it grow to immense strength and heights
But let yourself evolve with it and its phases brought by seasons
The moon filtered through a canopy of lushness will shy at your gaze
Let it blush at your yawns and drooping eyelids
As it soothes your forehead into dreams of far off ‘scapes
Bury a seed in the soft earth as an investment if you may
Be it a seed of dreams or a forgotten wish left unfulfilled
Or the security of an estate of a legacy
But look around and realize you do not own time
Time owns you, manmade a concept as it is
I am here now and so are you but look inside of yourself and see
The times you’ve missed, the horizons that changed without warnings
As you, yes, you – were burning the soles of your feet
Chasing the unknown, the unmet, the not-here-yet
Tomorrow, my friend, is an illusion
Live today and now, the future, as it always has, will fall into place
Many have raced time, through earth, dirt, and the great beyond
Always losing, and losing, unaware of the irretrievable moments
They’re intentionally oblivious of
So grow! Augment yourself into the earth, and the sky
Be rooted and firm in your foundation but let yourself reach for the sky
The birds will carry stories of faraway lands you may never see
Shed leaves of inhibitions when the season calls
Let the wind carry you into the oblivion of opportunities
The sky is wide and the earth is deep
Let not any fear waver you to keep
Away from the zenith that spells your name
Like you’re magic writ never to be tamed
Be the gnarled oak of your forest with roots breaching the ocean
Wing yourself with the dead leaves of your yearnings
Be the raven that cries and flies away into the night
Follow the moon, and let it follow you
Into the peaks of mountains that haven’t seen trees like you