Until We Meet Again

What you have given me
Is beyond any words I could ever pen
Its value like the polluted air I breathe
Purifying for a few days
And me learning the meaning
Of breathing clean air
The basic human occurrences everyone’s subjected to
And I was bereft from
What you have given me is more mother’s milk to my infant soul
Crawling its way to civilizations now old enough to crumble
Your coming and going have shone lights to the depths
Rusting away in oceanic murk
You being the one presenting me with these times
Is as unexpected as a tsunami on a planet without a moon
Our attachment has grown
Mine towards you that I did not think was strong enough
But you’re leaving
And you’re leaving me transformed
With a structure that used to shudder at the prospect of embraces
With eyes that have now learned how to lock gazes
My structure aches for the warmth you’ve buried in my heart
Until we meet next time, my friend
As long as we meet next time
Till we hadn’t, however
I had not known
It would have been fine too
To spend our lives unmet
But now we have and I cannot go back
To have known friendship is alien enough
But to have experienced it outside the confines of distance
Is a universe light years away entirely
And to not experience it again
Would coffin me from heartache
So until we meet again
Thank you with the thousand hearts you reminded me I possess
With the thousand embraces
That could not come close to embracing you for the first time
Under the eastern coast’s afternoon sun
Until we meet again, my friend
Until we meet again
For times a thousand and one


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