For years I’ve looked for you 
In places and people I shouldn’t have
I’ve stopped looking around in places
But in people I haven’t stopped
How could I feel something of such transcendence 
And still be deprived of the knowledge
Of how you feel about me
Do you, though? Feel about me
In all these years has a thought ever been spared by you
To that girl you used to know
Is that all I am to you now
I’m not used to feeling with all of my core
To be aware of my heart beating
How do I put this into words
When I myself do not understand it?
It’s beyond my poetic comprehension 
Beyond anything I’ve ever felt before
This poem will always feel incomplete
For all the things I cannot write and don’t get
But you, you my dear, dear friend
You move mountains in me
And it’s not even romantic how I feel
And I don’t know if it’s the beginning or the end
But I’d give up being my lover’s lover
Just to be your best friend



Time, I chase her
She evades me
I’m the lover she runs from
To the arms of so many others
I’m left aching to feel her warmth 
Upon my frozen dreams
Her kiss like the morning after a tragic night
That finally passes
Time laughs her crystal laughter
Teasing, mocking, enticing 
And weakened by her every move
I call to her, stop, wait for me
She turns, unapologetic smile etched across
Time, she leaves
Never within my grasp
Posing as an illusion
A storm to be chased
She runs from my grieving arms 
To fulfil 
The journey of others