G.B.F. – Gay Best Friend (2013)

So I just finished watching this movie called GBF: Gay Best Friend. It’s sweet, fun, hilarious, and contrary to what people assume it to be after seeing the trailer (i.e a stereotypical portrayal of gays in a high school set up); it is actually about fighting stereotypes, being yourself,  not giving into labels, and how misleading and damaging, labelling people can be.

The character I liked best was that of Sophie’s. She’s one of the best friends of the protagonist, and pretty much was the only person who held it together throughout the movie. Pretty much.

Tanner,  the protagonist, is outed as gay when he wasn’t even planning to come out of the closet.  In fact,  it was his best friend, Brent, who was intending on coming out.

So when Tanner is outed as their high school’s first out homosexual,  suddenly every popular girl wants him as her GBF.  Because apparently some magazine/trends stated that, and I roughly quote from memory, “Every popstar and celebrity has one (GBF), and every teenage girl needs one.”

And then begins the story.

What the movie is basically trying to and succeeding in conveying is that you cannot treat anyone as an object.  Not even a GBF to glorify your social status. And being gay does not equal to being into things that are  stereotypically perceived as “girly”.

Special mention to the parents in the flick. One of them had only one concern – if the kid wanted a snack or something to eat.

P.S: The cast includes Evanna Lynch! Her role was unexpectedly homophobic. Haha, didn’t see that coming.

P.P.S: I watched it on YouTube. You can find the full movie there. 





hearts aren’t to be treasured

you love them

or you return them

like books

they aren’t meant

to sit around

collecting dust and waiting

waiting for your attention

for your touch

for your care

books are to be read

and consumed

and to let them consume

hearts are to be felt

to overwhelm

and to let overwhelm

you don’t own them

if you’re a favourite

amongst the stars

you’ll be given one

either one at a time

or one for a lifetime

don’t break the spine

don’t crease the pages

treat it with respect

respect its contents

both the unreadable

and the glued-together

let its essence linger

on you

like a fragrance

staying with you

long after it has walked by

hearts like books

are meant to be affected by

cried into

and fall asleep cradling

both are precious

but while breaking one

means acquiring another copy

tearing the other

means losing access

to the lone manuscript