Seawoman ~

She moved like the sea

Affectionately drowning me

But there were times after and before

She would coyly wash me ashore


Like a goddess from the depths of the ocean

She rises out of it, unsettling my breath in motion

Hair tangled like seaweed and skin glistening like scales

I resist her charms and my heart, but all of it fails


Every mortal man must’ve dared to explore her

A woman who sinks lovers who tear her

She stands upon my wrecked body and smiles

And I break into pieces like half dried tiles


A woman of such beauty and a compassionate heart

Will love you like a maelstrom or rip you apart

And he who sees not the cosmic moving in her

Shall lay here like me, waiting for his end to occur



I’m plagued by thoughts

That into words I cannot mould

Stirred by emotions

And reflections I cannot fold


There is not a phrase

Or a verse I can form

To define this turmoil

Trapped within an orb


Made of crystal so fragile

It shatters at touch

Neither language nor expression

Succeed to be my crutch


Till they recede and calm

I’ll brace against the hypnotic lull

As these swirl and sail

On the violent seas in my silent skull

Feather ~

Day is for art

And night is for poetry

You are a distraction

And I’m so starved

I need more of these


More art and more oxygen

As my frame palpitates

From the effort of my lungs

More poetry for my taste receptors

Living off smoke and ash


More of you and your halo’d image

Your empty words

And utterances of brittle promises

The ambiguous emotions you display

And my willingness to absorb these


Give me more

Don’t you see?

The wheels turning

In the clockwork

Under my skin


All I read, all I write

All my creations

Turn the gears

But none keep me working

Like you


Day is for art and night is for poetry

Hours merge into one venous system

Coursing through me like blood down a quill

Ripped from all probability

Your wing


I’ll break the oceans

Chain the storms

Enslave the night

Just to love you

I’ll whip the stars

Into submission

Heavenly fireworks

That witness us kiss

I’ll strip the night sky

Of its darkness

Just to cloak you

In its velvet

I’ll hide the sun

And its glaring shine

Only I can touch you

With a burning caress




She was caught in the flair of poetry

In the hypnotic shadow dance

Of her wayward arms


Pulsating through her ears

An alien music 

Puppeteering her heartbeats


A whirlwind of movement

A hurricane of emotions

She let the beats pull her strings


Undressing her inhibitions

As they fell away

Unshackled she twirled 


Her hips like the crack

Of lightning



A naked image

Of her clothed persona

Outlined in the dark


A living soul

Alive tonight

A mere spark