Maybe it was bad astrological timing,
I was born with a disorder of rhyming.
Maybe I cried too, in rhymes,
Or at least must’ve tried at times.
Well, the chaos it creates in my mind is numbing,
One moment it constructs, the next it’s plumbing.
A thousand combinations, flash through in a sec,
But they’re gone, before I can hit the button ‘Rec’.
And every situation has a lyrical twist,
Yet what I’m saying is a fraction of the gist.
Glares, stares, would’ve burned right into me,
But metaphorically I was born fireproof, you see.
Neurology, biology, numericals, and history,
All bloody sing, how, it’s a mystery.
I’d oppress it, and suppress the spew of words,
But imagine someone tinkering with your cords.
Even with rhythmic algebraic expressions,
That’re fun and not enroute to depression;
It keeps me afloat in an arena of bloodbath,
Or a crisis that sees a monotonous aftermath.
A jukebox painting words, and colours, besides,
In place of sanity in my brain, resides.
Perhaps I was programmed for this kind of monology,
And this is the only burnished part of my psychology.




Wrote this a while ago. ๐Ÿ™‚


— Pratty


Blog’s 1st Anniversary AND 100 follows!


Wow. This day just got better!
I remember starting this blog as a way to save my works, in a quiet corner of the cyber world, where no one will see it.

Boy, little did I know that I was miles away from the truth. On WordPress I found a community full of warmth, and enthusiasm, be it for their own work or other’s.

Writers, photographers, movie and cooking enthusiasts, and more. I found them all under one roof, for which I’m grateful. I needed that exposure. That feeling of fitting in yet standing out. I love how everyone responds here, and is kind.

A place full of acceptance, appreciation and constructive criticism. Ah, I love it.

And I’m grateful to each and every one of you for making this experience, this journey of mine so special.

Thank you!

Lots and lots of virtual cookies to y’all! (I might bake some for real, to celebrate and fulfill this week’s baking quota.)

Much love,


A terrible thing of beauty

People read my poetry, appreciate or express their views about it, but what strikes me about the relationship between my words and the audience, is that how unaware they are of what piece of my broken soul I’ve concealed in those works.

It’s like a terrible thing of beauty.

As if I’m standing in front of a mirror and everyone’s admiring what they’re seeing in the reflection, but what they’re seeing is a framed piece of my writing or painting and the ornate frame and everything. But all I’m seeing are ghosts from the past staring back.


— Pratty


Sometimes I find it so difficult to put together my thoughts and hold them as ONE. There’s like this massive chaos of thoughts, emotions, feelings, memories and they zoom past like a shower of meteors, always unannounced, and I’m just staring at them, desperate to seize one.

When I’m writing, especially poetry, it’s as if I have to hold on to one thought and ask it, “What is it you want to tell me? What is it that my sub-conscious wants to tell me? Please, I’m desperate. For a way to express myself, to understand myself. Help me.”

Whenever there’s that chaos and I manage to seize one of the elements causing the collision, it feels like holding a little butterfly between cupped hands, and every flutter, every brush of its wings against my skin instills within me new life, new energy, new understanding of myself.

Sometimes I find myself in these moments, and sometimes . . . I lose myself.

— Pratty

Ginger Cookies
17th Feb ’14

Early morning baking. First attempt at Ginger Cookies. Sis helped. Absolute hit. Divine texture.

Edible Garden’s Ginger Cookies recipe

I probably used the wrong (slightly bigger) ย cup for the measurements, because I ended up with dough enough to make more than I originally intended to. Crazy.

Totally going to refrigerate half of it to bake later. I love how it enhances the flavour and texture.

18th Feb ’14

Spent the night baking the cookies. If they’re not amazing, I don’t know what is. Made them for my twin-by-soul friend-sister Soumya (I call her Twee), since they’re so good and look like they can endure a day’s journey over to her city by mail, and mainly because I’ve wanted to do this for a while. Her exams are upon her and I hope this’ll bring some zing to her stressful schedule. ๐Ÿ™‚ Will be posting them by eve.

19th Feb ’14

THEY REACHED HER! And she loved them. ๐Ÿ˜€ Soooo happy! These past two days have been joyous and productive. Especially for someone half as lazy as me. Heh.

Thanks for reading!

Much love,


V-Day Crocheting – Cutesy Bookmarks!

I made these for my friends and family, and they absolutely loved it. Since I learned how to crochet the One Round Heartย the night before Valentine’s Day, I couldn’t make as many as I would’ve liked to.ย 

This is such an easy and fun pattern, if I’d had time I would’ve made hundreds. And mailed ’em to all of my friends.

I used a 3.75mm hook (we actually don’t get sizes bigger than that in the market, can you believe that?!)



6 chain stitches + 1 chain stitch (for the turning)

The first two rows – I did single crochet

Then double crochet till the bookmark is of the desired length.

You can skip the single crochet part and just do 6 chain stitches + 3 chain stitches and double crochet all the way to your preferred length.



Valentine’s Day or not, these make great gifts for your reader pals. And since I’ve got quite a few, I’m so going to make more of these throughout the year.

Have a nice day!

Much love,



Hey there fellas!

I’m pretty much back and will be posting again with much more regularity.

To be honest, I really truly missed the WordPress community. It’s always been so warm and welcoming.

While I was away, I’ve been writing a bit, crocheting, and stuff. Had a rough time, but got through eventually.

Since I couldn’t be on computer often the past year, I couldn’t post much. I also didn’t post the acceptance-and-gratitude posts when I received the two(/three) awards I got here, for which I apologize. I’ve been so on-and-off here and it required at least listing 10 blogs each and I didn’t quite follow that many ardently back then. Plus it demanded time on computer which I lacked. So. Sorry.

Regrets aside, I wonder if anyone still remembers my blog on here? Even if they don’t, they’ll do pretty soon. ๐Ÿ˜€ One does not simply forget Pratty. Heh.

Glad to be back. I hope everyone’s doing fine!

Much love,