24-08-2011, 01:48 am



Attempting to conjure some flamboyant memories,
I fail, ending up with charred debris.
For every time that I have smiled, I’m being punished,
‘Twas the way my heart perished.
Resembling fallen petals of a rose,
Are my tears; bloody, with every crystalline singing a prose.

Again what shines through my night,
Trickles down my tear-stained cheek”
What held me strong,
Is now holding me weak;
Recollecting bright summers,
And singing by the creek.

Oh the silver halo,
Oh how I miss,
To see the moon again,
Is all I wish.

In the corner of the night, where I cower,
Hoping would bloom a warm-lighted flower,
Flashes back what once was my life,
Before it was hit with grief and strife –

Dark silhouettes moving against the blinding light;
I see, feeling sparks in a shower,
They who were my friends,
My eternal strength and immortal power,
To writ the dark magic, called love against fear,
Charming atrocities alighted and sheer.

I am broken in fright,
Frigid have gone my vision and sight,
A fallen, broken angel, I rest as, here in pain,
Writhing, shivering, all in vain.




Something I wrote two years ago.

– Praty


Getup madness – Ghostie-ness?

I actually made a “scary” video in this… getup, and forwarded it to my friends who forwarded it to their friends-and-family who freaked out! 🙂

Getup madness. Concept – Domestic abuse

Concept: “Domestic abuse partly hidden behind a veil and a smile.”

Done with colour pencils.

So, I’ve decided to put up my getup-madness on here. Basically when I get super bored or need some kind of distraction, I subconsciously turn to this particular activity.

This is something I’ve been fond of doing since I was . . . Well, a skinny little thing.

Dressing up, messing around mum’s make-up stuff, participating in skits scripted-acted-and-directed by my cousins and I.

But never did I take it seriously, and this picture above, was the first time I considered doing it with a proper concept. When I first showed it to my friends, they . . . freaked out thinking it’s real and got worried and I had to assure them that I’m okay.


I’d love to get some feedback from the WordPress community. Feel free to comment below. 🙂


– Praty

Mother Above

Have mercy, Mother, this child prays for a future,
One that has hope, one that’s brighter,
One less fouler,
Without my gaoler,
With neither visible nor invisible chains,
One where my trueself truly remains.
Give me no fantasy world nor golden ties,
For they’re fouler than a demon’s breath, stinking of lies.
Give me a future where friendship upholds truth,
Not one where betrayal rules, with injustice in its youth.
Give? Pardon me, Mother, I meant earn,
Let me earn my future with all I know, all I learn.
I beg, my future, my life, it all depends,
On my efforts, hardwork, and also repents.
I want to earn that future, that brighter better life,
I want to defeat my woes, rise from this strife.
A world of neither angels nor demons, but justness,
A world hard earned; with a bit of compassion and kindness.
And if you’re with me, I needn’t fear,
‘Cause sooner or later I’ll get there, from here.


— Praty