The turbulent mind

Often we draw what’s going on in our mind. Be it rainbows and rains or storms and turbulent seas.

That’s me in the photo with something I drew yesterday. And I absolutely love to express the fact that I ace at defiling walls. 🙂

Captured by my sister Priyasha.  Her brilliant photography.

The Mind by Priyasha Photography posted on

— Praty



A fellowship fell apart in a few instances
Misconception entered creating distances
We won’t be together ever again
Our hopes were overruled by pain
Unexpected revelations wound their way
Through our anticipations, and we say
“Why the betrayal, the truth you hid
Why the contemptuous pretense acrid”
Of your demeanor nothing we could discern
You apathetically disregarded our concern
Such was the tremor of your disclosure
We stood stunned against the harsh exposure
Hurt deeply, unable to breathe, we stared undeterred
As predicted you walked away, again, as you preferred
The chalice uphelding our friendship’s now broken
A shard of its thin glass of trust is the only remaining token


Just another poem on another real event that took place and shook me from inside.


— Praty

Unexpected, and precious.

Yesterday, it was a day of rushes.

We were gonna meet our cousins Raja bhai and Rana bhai after 13 or so years, during the weekend. The plans weren’t even fixed, then sis says “Get ready, we’re going to meet them. Now.”

I couldn’t process it.

Raja bhai recently got married. They’re visiting Orissa (our state) for the reception.

While we were at this resort with them, chatting, reminiscing and stuff… I was still in a daze. So stunned. I won’t lie, I seriously thought this could easily be one of those super realistic dreams.

That's Rana bhai. :)

That’s Rana bhai. 🙂

Every time I was asked something, I had this blank look. And they were like “Haha, you’re always so confused :P”… Which I admit, at the time, I was.

We have some family issues because of which we hadn’t been able to meet them in such a long time.

Yesterday the time we spent together was less, but so precious.

Loved meeting Priya bhabhi. She’s lovely. 😀

When sis and I reached the rendezvous, Rana bhai was napping in the car. I stick my face to the window and knock. I swear, his expression was priceless!

I wish… I wish had talked more. But I was so unprepared for the whole thing. Besides, sis and both the brothers were in the same boarding school for a few years. They had a LOT to recall, laugh about, and simply cherish the memories.

Today, we were going to meet them again… But due to some unforeseen circumstances, we couldn’t. I knew something of the sort would happen, but what hit me was the fact that it might be years before we see them again…

But. It’s okay.

This meetup can last me a lifetime.

They had to leave early, or else we’d have had another hour or so to us.

We went back home, freshened up, were leaving for my much-needed haircut, when we came across my buddy from grade 3, Gurudipan. After so many years. Geez.

The best things seem to happen in the most unexpected of ways. And on the oddest of days.

— Pratty

The sunshine after a rain


SQUIRREL. I mean, finally. I had to zoom so much, and run around trying to follow its movements. And all I could get was this one click. To me it’s kinda precious. 🙂 I love squirrels. 😀

Squirrel by allthingszeudon_wordpress

Another zoomed shot of a rather small creature.

dragon by pratyusha - allthingszeudon.wordpress

Birdie. 😀

bird by Pratyusha - allthingszeudon.wordpress

I had posted a similar pic once, the difference is that now a Peepal/Bo-Tree has sprouted there. o.O

Peepal by Pratyusha - allthingszeudon.wordpress

P.S: I won’t be watermarking my stuff as Zeudon anymore… Pseudonyms are fun, but sometimes we lose ourselves behind them.

— Pratty


A blank piece of paper,

Lies in front of me in mock,

I will myself to pick the weapon,

To release myself from shock.


What’s gotten into me?

Why these days can I not write?

I stare, nervousness building,

Did I lose my skill? I’m hit by fright.


In the back of my distracted mind,

I let my past and recent poetry flow.

Pertaining of emotions, thoughts,

But now, everything moves slow.


Concentrate! I plead to myself,

Eyes unfocused; again daydreaming.

Torn my thinking process has been,

One wanders, the other is screaming.


“Your worlds are calling to you!

For your love of art, write!”

It begs, it implores, but still,

Self-absorbed, my lower lip I bite.


For a flutter of a moment I focus,

Uneasiness swaps places with distraction.

Summoning strength I write “A blank piece…”

There! That feeling. Bubbling with commotion!


Scrawling, scribbling, I go on, and reach,

The part of “What’s gotten into me?”

Realization brings up a smile,

How such a simple notion could I not see?


I don’t write from my mind, no,

It’s my heart’s voice in poetry.

Something had hushed it down,

Deep inside it had felt so sultry.


Poetry triggered by emotions,

Have crafted my thinking and me.

Fragments of memories, incidents,

Of how I perceive the world, and see.




I wrote a poem on how I haven’t been able to write, where I’m writing the same poem where I haven’t been able to write, where I’m writing the same –… Well, you get the idea. Poem-ception. Heh.

And I really haven’t been able to write these past few days. Ugh. Kinda got distracted with stuff and this is about that. Every word.


— Pratty

7 hours of daydreaming – baking

I just spent 7 hours reading around blogs and sites about bread baking. Now, I’ve always wanted to bake loaves and loaves of bread myself, and it’s high time it was accomplished.

I came across this blog – Korena in the kitchen, and that lead to some more… which lead to some more…

And then! This  divine website bestowed me with its presence. And knowledge. The site — The Fresh Loaf.

After reading their Your First Loaf  post, which happens to be their first of many lessons in bread baking, I can’t wait to bake one myself! But of course, it has to wait a day or two, considering the weather’s been kind of stormy here and sudden power-cuts picnic with them.

When I saw the replies under that post, with pictures of their  first attempts, I felt confident about trying it. Haha, I’m so pumped. 😀

Also, I stumbled upon some darn amazing (and easy) recipes  my mind instantly processed into fusions I’d LOVE to make. The ideas, I’m sure will be appreciated by my sister, since her photography will be greatly involved in the projects.

Currently, I have around 12 tabs open on my browser, all them screaming BAKING, DANISH PASTRY, BREADS, etc. And I’m absolutely enjoying the moment.

Speaking of Danish pastry… It’s one of the reasons I’d LOVE to master baking. Just. To. Bake. Danish. Pastry.

And of course, gobble ’em down all by myself. Heh. Just kidding.

Few years ago, I think I was 14 or 15, my first and only attempt to make croissants was somewhat a fail. Somewhat. Because the first batch ended up like cookies. Which were incredible. So I shaped the rest of the dough stuff as cookies, which made my sis’s friend go gaga about my baking.
It was funny.


Anyway… I hope my baking expeditions will come off at least okay, if not great. 🙂

— Pratty

An onslaught of hammerings

Head throbs with a rhythm,

Music from 80’s fills the room.

Melody impending collision,

With the throb, exploding soon.


Beads of sweat, quivering cold feet,

A throbbing head, and shiver.

An onslaught of hammerings,

The pain, the gasps, and blinding fever.


Being gripped by suffocation,

These walls are such a petty torment.

All I demand is a bit of fresh air,

Ones that don’t enter my confinement.




Inspired from my sudden headache. Sigh. Anyway, the remnants of last night’s storm are stirring up some cool wind, I think I should go and enjoy that fresh air instead of gluing my eyes to the computer. Will write the next poems with pen and paper for a while instead. Haha, bliss.


— Pratty

Charred memories

I, me, myself,

I think.

Back into time,

Relentlessly sink.


Charred memories,

Experiences, run past.

In a painful moment,

Blurred and fast.


Struggling, fumbling,

I reach the surface; rebirth.

Drowning past horrors,

Adapting facades of mirth.


Submerged in limbo,

Two worlds summon.

One stinks of human,

The other radiates demons.


Demons not of hell but me,

In my darkest corners, entombed.

I search for the other half; the good,

Has my benevolence been doomed?


Flicking through the gone,

Reaching the static present; now.

Emerging from betrayals to assaults,

All that’s broken, even the smallest vow.


A drop of salty water,

Rolls down my cheek.

I’ve had my share of pain,

Misfortune’s reached its peak.


Past’s evaporated,

But it’s still there.

A sweet poison,

Suffused in the air.


The time’s gone,

But my soul yearns.

Its promised, deserved life,

It slowly re-earns.


Brewing an anecdote,

Smoking away the poison.

My new life awaits me,

Just behind that horizon.


— Pratty


Yay-worthy times


It’s mum’s birthday and I made some small and simple mushroom pizzas as an early (it was 5 am) morning celebration. With sis’s help, of course.

Mum absolutely loved it. 🙂


Okay, this cake we made yesterday with instant cake-mix was awesome! And… I really hope they’d write “Do not eat batter” on the pack. I think I had a spoonful before baking it. Really, if chilled, the batter could’ve passed as chocolate pudding.


Also, we watched a lovely Hindi movie! Aashiqui 2. Sequel to a movie from 1990. But completely unrelated (I’m glad). Wow, I wish Bollywood would make more such movies!

— Pratty

A thank you, and NaPoWriMo conquered!

Whoa, 44 followers! I mean, I started this blog 15 days ago. Wow. THANK YOU! For stopping by, reading the posts, tolerating my poetry and whatnot. 😀 So unexpected. Yet delightful. 

So, yeah. NaPoWriMo. I did it! 😀 When I started mid-of-the-month, I had a feeling that I’ll end up writing more than 30 poems in 15 days, and I did. I could’ve easily written short 8-lined poems and be done with it… But I no, I preferred writing fully-formed ones and they were time consuming. Anyway, all’s well that ends well, right?

I’m so happy at the prospect of having been productive these past two weeks, doing what is natural to me – poetry. And a bit of photography.

I hope I’ll be able to keep up a steady pace between my writing, which by the way, has improved heaps. 😀

To be very honest, the feedback on here and my friends’ support kept me going more than anything. A BIG THANK YOU!


– A very grateful Pratty