The World of Art

There’s a world called art

The world where I belong

But here in this temporal world?

My stay cannot be prolonged


Your world knows naught but chaos

There’s destruction all around

Natural music’s been replaced

With blood-curdling sounds


My kin’s laughed at for its existence

But where would you be without us?

We designed the humanly world you see

Our selflessness, for you has been a plus


We sway to our soul’s harmony

Why is it the subject of your chuckle?

You know not our strength when unified

It’ll force your shallow mockery to buckle


Literature to you is rubbish

Fiction is simply fool hardiness

We literally wrote your entire history

Yet surprising isn’t your selfishness


As you put it, but we disagree

We don’t have our heads in clouds

If we didn’t wing ourselves to ethereal freedom

We’d be bound like you, to the ground


We can’t be shackled to your monetary interests

We’re not slaves to your thinking, realize!

Our minds are wide open, to the universe

Closeted like you, we do not rationalize!


Our world has a secret door to it

You can’t access it without the key

Look deep inside your heart, and listen!

What you’ll hear will let you see


We don’t live on this orb, tied

It might be our home, but no!

We have immeasurable horizons to ourselves!

Pushing our boundaries, we fly! Explore!


We’ve built bridges connecting us

To all the provinces our world can offer

Let us and we’ll help you climb them

Finding an escape from all that you suffer




My internet has kind of abandoned me, and now I’m using my phone as a wi-fi hotspot, but it’s too slow. So I might not be able to post my poems that’ll complete the NaPoWriMo challenge. There still are about 9 or so poems to post which’ll make it 30, Sigh.

— Pratty



She leapt high

Twirled with her white dress

I stood there watching

Awe plastered to my face


The sand was her canvas

Her feet were the brushes

Her strokes were both fierce and passionate

Yet in a way, tremendously intricate


I don’t know who she was

Nor did she ever feel my presence

She was my sweet haunted nightmare

From afar I could feel her rhythmic essence


She danced to her beats

To her soul she called

Every morning, this time

To her soul I was drawn


I was a mere spectator who

Came across this wonder by chance

Watched this muse put her heart out

In my direction she hasn’t once glanced


Is she performing to the ocean gods?

I’d often wonder, as she spun, swayed, did splits

Oh, how wondrous the sight would be

If with a partner she was to do lifts!


Her arms sway

Like branches responding to the wind

Delicate, graceful, with elegant stillness

Then she kneels, her palms down are pinned


For a moment she looks up

My hearts skips a beat

A kind of a sadness buds inside

I retrace my steps, jog away discreet


Did she see me? I hope not

I had started to think of her as a friend

I wouldn’t want this series

Of repetitive and enchanting events to end


Next morning I find that part of the beach empty

Disheartened, I turn, only to find someone staring

From under the shade of a tree – it was she!

She approached, grim, stride that hinted daring


I opened my mouth to apologize, feeling guilty

She held her hand up, silencing me

When she spoke, her voice was captivating

Her words, however, were unexpected


While I stood there agape and she sort of shied

“You’re late, sire. But – coffee?” I stared, she smiled.


In an uncharacteristic  dream,

I find my way through the clouds, white

A blue sheet overhead, threatens to fall

For once, I’m unafraid of heights.


Am I of flesh and bone or am I dead,

And now naught but a lost soul?

The sheet resonates with a queer growl

Unmoving I try to figure, yet the clouds roll


The cloud makes a soft couch, it drifts

And I drift to sleep – the space here is immense

I wonder, ponder, what is my purpose here?

Till I see some fog ahead, pretty dense


Wait. There’re people! Similarly perched

I call out, wave! But they’re drifting away

They look at me sad, blank,

I kept motioning, but not a word did they say


What at first looked

Like an uncharacteristic dream

Was turning into a nightmare

To end it never seemed


The ground is far, far below,

My vision’s distorted, in a haze

Again, what is this place? Am I trapped?

In a corner of my mind? In its maze?


Am I losing my sanity or this cloud’s spinning?

There’s a burst of luminous distortion,

Bright blurred colours, whirling, down to a chasm,

Engulfing me in their powerful grasp of inhibition.

Based on Edgar Allan Poe’s “Annabel Lee” and “For Annie”

I wrote this a while ago

My poem based on Edgar Allan Poe’s “Annabel Lee” and “For Annie”

Tears were given to me
By his words for the beautiful Annabel Lee,
For whom he loved and whom he lost
In the kingdom by the sea.
For him she loved and by wanted to be loved
That girl, Annabel Lee.

Then I was struck asunder, right down under
For what he wrote, about his beloved Annie.
For proving me wrong, that love exists
And is vaster than quiet depthless seas.

Poe, my heart has been undone,
For every melody and song its sung,
The echo of your poetry has pierced it deep.
You’ve left it in chaos, and I do not know,
How will my mind,
Now get any sleep…



He’s one of my most favourite poets. 🙂

— Pratty

Said the apple

“I’m red, can be green

Normally sweet, can be sour, and savoury!

If you bit me when you were a kid,”

Said the apple; “Hey, that’s bravery!”


“I was immortalized in a fairy tale”

Said the apple, proud, “But alas, the way they did,

I can feel the fictional poison killing me

Every time I think of it; makes me morbid”


“Sadness apart, I’m pretty crunchy,”

Said the apple, “If you have one of my kin everyday,

Oh, boy, we’ll protect you nice and hard!

Keeping them doctors away!”


“Just now I was telling my friend here,

Before he was picked off mid crackle,

I told him we should form a government with potatoes

Control the world from tummies!”

Were the last words of our apple.




Haha, I know this is completely random and stuff.


— Pratty

Bitter-sweet farewell

The Ganpati festival is over, why

I pray to the idol, look up to the sky


Looks like it will rain, like the devotees

The ones compassionately devoted, these days are few


Oh, Ganpati, every year you bring with yourself

Knowledge, education, prosperity in which we delve


Why can you not stay, instead of making us bid you goodbye

Every soul, regardless of ethnicity, rejoices, dances, even the shy


Farewell might be difficult, I wipe a tear

But bearable as long as we see you next year

With a final “Ganpati Bappa Morya, pudhchya varshi lavkar yaa!”

You’re sunk into the water

You’re gone. But we’ll see you, dear lord. In the next chapter.



Ganpati’s statue being sunk into the sea. It’s a goodbye, with a hope that he’ll return next year.

Ganpati is another name of the Hindu lord Ganesha. The festival referred to is Ganesh Chaturthi, celebrated on the birthday (rebirth) of Ganesha, son of Shiva and Parvati.

The festival lasts for a few days.  On the last day (Ganesh visarjan day) people chant “Ganapati bappa moriya, Pudhchya Varshi Lavkar yaa”, which means dear Ganpati we pray to you and request you to come again next year with lots of blessing and love. 🙂


— Pratty

As I rise anew

You burned me to ash,

Made me succumb to a shell,

The ash made me stronger, I’ve hatched!

Now, we’ll see who deserves hell.


I coo, while the darkness is taunting,

Your stunts to scare pathetically fail,

No, I no longer find you haunting,

Now it’s your turn to derail.


The ashes of my past self will choke you

They’ll be the dust with an iron grip!

Over that neck of yours, had laughed throatily who.

Now of your sanity you’ll be stripped.


You played with fire, fueled it further,

Now watch! Watch it burn you

Fear my strength. Watch with horror.

Watch me as I rise anew.



I dedicate this to my friend-and-big-bro DD. 🙂 … And myself.


— Pratty

Sugar Vanilla Cookies – Utterly whimsical

Why whimsical? Possibly ’cause that’s what you’d classify a 4am baking expedition as. And considering I just made them without any recipe in mind, to my surprise, they turned out to be quite sinful. Able to quench the sudden cravings. Heh.


So. The recipe is VERY simple. In fact, the ingredients are the ones almost every dessert-and-baking-friendly household seems to have 24×7. Also, it’s very flexible, and you can totally make whatever changes you wanna.

One more thing – You don’t need to add caster/powdered/confectioner’s sugar. I opted for the normal one ’cause I didn’t want the first bite to be an explosion of super sweetness. I’m prone to toothache. Besides, you can feel the texture and sweetness blend and increase with every crunch, when using normal sugar. Yummy.

Oh and I couldn’t take pics of the process so the instructions might seem more or less explanatory…

Sugar Vanilla Cookies

Sugar Vanilla Cookies

Prep time: 10 mins, Baking time: 15 mins, Makes: 14 medium sized cookies


  • 1 1/2 cup all purpose flour (you can use whole wheat flour instead)
  • 3/4 cup sugar. Feel free to tamper with how much YOU want to add.
  • 1 egg
  • 2/3 cup butter or refined oil. Again, feel free to adjust it to your preference.
  • 1 1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence.
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • Cashew nuts / almonds / chocolate chips / similar alternative
  • 1/4 teaspoon crushed cardamom (optional)


  • Mix the flour, baking powder, and salt well in a bowl. Add half of the butter/oil into it and lightly stir, add the rest of the butter/oil and mix them coarsely.  
  • Break in the egg, vanilla essence and cardamom. Knead it roughly at first so the sugar and butter blend, softening.  The dough will look flaky throughout. If it’s too soft/sticky add some flour, if too dry – add some butter/oil. Sprinkle about 2 teaspoons of sugar and knead. This extra sugar is what you see in the pictures. After baking they look like tiny diamonds. Or at least that’s how I think of them.
  • Form a dough, leave it like that for a few minutes, and prepare the baking tray by slightly buttering/oiling it then sprinkling some flour on it and dusting off the excess, take out your cookie cutters (or your tool of choice), rolling pin, and lightly dust a clean flat surface with some flour. Preheat oven.
  • Retrieve the dough, you’ll notice it has softened a bit more, check if it’s yielding, if it isn’t – give it a few more kneads, place it on the floured surface and roll it ever so gently. Or simply flatten it out using your hand. Make sure it’s not flattened too thickly. Should be thinner than half an inch.
  • Cut them using cookie cutters or your preferred tool. Place them an inch apart on the tray. Take the nuts/chips, add some on top of the cookies, gently pressing them in.
  • Bake at 180 degrees Celsius for 15 mins. Once done they’ll look golden-brown around the edges, leave them in the oven for 2-3 minutes before removing them onto a cooling rack. They  might seem semi-soft in the middle but will crisp down while cooling.

Here’s a suggestion – Leave the first batch to cool; place a second one in the oven. While it’s baking, make yourself some tea/coffee/hot-chocolate; and simply relax relishing some warm cookies with your favourite beverage. 🙂

If you try the recipe, do let me know if you like it! And feel free to shoot me an angry email if you don’t. 😀

If you find something confusing, do comment about it so I can clear it out. 🙂

Sis clicked this The 'diamond effect' is apparent here :D

Sis clicked this
The ‘diamond effect’ is visible here 😀

— Pratty


Pushing through the Eid crowd; scavenging for food scraps

Silently pocketing the fallen-forgotten Morning Prayer caps


It may be a sin, but I have a mouth to feed

Sin propelled by hunger, not greed


“Javed!” acknowledged my friend Rafi, waving at me

I hand him today’s collection, receiving coins that many


I look back at the mosque, thanking the lord for His grace

To find Rafi brandishing a half burnt loaf, with a sly face


“For the birthday” he winks, vanishing midst the rush

Into my holey pocket it goes, still warm, a bit crushed


Next stop – the orchard, I climb up its wall to peek

Sliding down after spotting what and who I seek


The elderly maid came to the gate from under a tree

I pointed behind her at my request, she turned to see


She returned with it, I gave her two coins of my few

She shook her head, giving me apples not one but two!


I couldn’t believe my nonexistent luck, and I beamed

She smiled ruffling my dirty hair, happy to help it seemed


I ran barefooted to our tent in the slums, excited

Found the bundle sleeping, poked, and it softly grunted


“Happy birthday!” he nearly shouted, jumping at its side

The blanket sudden slid down a face with eyes blue and wide


“Heena, here” he thrust out the bread and an apple proudly

His starved little sister took a bite off both, loudly


“It’s so sweet!” she squealed in utter delight

“And the bread isn’t stale… it’s fresh, right?”


“That’s Rafi’s gift for you” he said scrambling up

“I’ll go deliver the stuff then be off for work”


She nodded morosely, wishing they still had their family

Suddenly felt other-worldly their deaths untimely


She watched him go, first to deliver their ill uncle’s medicines

And an apple; the man who instead of feeding them, committed sins


Then all day her 14 year old brother will work, so one day she can study

She teared up at the thought of him

Returning from the factory with his hands sore and bloody


I know it’s not that good, but better than nothing.

Thanks to weather issues that triggered internet being disconnected for almost two days, I could post anything here!

Anyway. Next post will be my own recipe for Sugar Vanilla Cookies. 😀

— Pratty

Reunite oh soul and imagination

I could write all night

I could write all night

Ridding my worries

Of vanities and fright


Take a dip in the holy waters

That lay hidden in my mind

Simply hug my imagination

Like a bud, from behind


Caress the blooms

So fragrant and alive

Create the art I breathe in

Them glowing from jives


All the recent nights have been

Cause of an underlying terror

Tonight I could sing, oh yes!

Unafraid of any error


Sing loud and vibrant

Liberating off the walls

Almost going overboard

Answering unanswered calls


Oh, dear, I’ve quieted you

Strayed away from you for long!

Let us unite, oh, inner voice,

Writing a deliberate song!


Long I have silenced you, for long

I’ve distanced you from my nation

Reunite, if you will!

Oh my soul and imagination.




I’m really sleepy and haven’t finished the poem I was writing to post for NaPoWriMo. So, here’s one I wrote two weeks ago.

— Pratty