Augmentation / Don’t Wait for The Future

Why do we chase the future
And in turn ignore the present?
If we plant a tree and only wait to gather and devour its sweet children
We’ll never know the secure comfort of leaning against its bark
To scratch our palms on the swaying branches
As we aspire to climb higher and higher
We’ll never know the playful stumble around its tangled roots
Or the shade under which we’ll organize our disorganized ideas
Perhaps in the eastern autumn the few leaves that’ll lie martyred
Swirling down in a hypnotic haze will peck a light caress upon a cheek
Should you know how to experience the beauty of fall
Plant a tree and let it grow to immense strength and heights
But let yourself evolve with it and its phases brought by seasons
The moon filtered through a canopy of lushness will shy at your gaze
Let it blush at your yawns and drooping eyelids
As it soothes your forehead into dreams of far off ‘scapes
Bury a seed in the soft earth as an investment if you may
Be it a seed of dreams or a forgotten wish left unfulfilled
Or the security of an estate of a legacy
But look around and realize you do not own time
Time owns you, manmade a concept as it is
I am here now and so are you but look inside of yourself and see
The times you’ve missed, the horizons that changed without warnings
As you, yes, you – were burning the soles of your feet
Chasing the unknown, the unmet, the not-here-yet
Tomorrow, my friend, is an illusion
Live today and now, the future, as it always has, will fall into place
Many have raced time, through earth, dirt, and the great beyond
Always losing, and losing, unaware of the irretrievable moments
They’re intentionally oblivious of
So grow! Augment yourself into the earth, and the sky
Be rooted and firm in your foundation but let yourself reach for the sky
The birds will carry stories of faraway lands you may never see
Shed leaves of inhibitions when the season calls
Let the wind carry you into the oblivion of opportunities
The sky is wide and the earth is deep
Let not any fear waver you to keep
Away from the zenith that spells your name
Like you’re magic writ never to be tamed
Be the gnarled oak of your forest with roots breaching the ocean
Wing yourself with the dead leaves of your yearnings
Be the raven that cries and flies away into the night
Follow the moon, and let it follow you
Into the peaks of mountains that haven’t seen trees like you


I will start anew

Every time

I fail to be true to what I want to say

How I want to say it

And whether it’s the truest I can be

I’ve been faltering far too much at the usually-simple act of writing

A certain feeling is missing

Possibly the one bridging the metal construct of my mind

With the concrete mixture of my heart

Whatever it is that I’m lacking

Is starting to hollow me out

Sense of purpose, concept, self-connect

Whatever it might be

I hope and now

I can only hope

That it restores itself into place

Before I uproot myself from the lack of release

And set the wooden carcass on fire



Do you know why I wanted to live my life alone?
It’s like, I wanted to stuff myself into these pockets of time
Without any intention of returning home
I wanted to fold myself into a rucksack with dirt and grime
But now over that route a different light has shone

You’re changing the structure
The ‘culars with which I analyzed that future
Pouring storms over magma-esque explosions
You’re changing the horizon of a future I once envisioned

I still struggle to waltz through a collage of collisions
Picturing you and I in a time that didn’t before exist
Perhaps we could paint the picture together
An abstract of murals, mountains, and mist

Alone was never what I wanted to be
Alone was the place where
I wanted to be
But I see now what I didn’t see then
Unconventional, unpredictable, unrestrained
I found you
I found zen

Until We Meet Again

What you have given me
Is beyond any words I could ever pen
Its value like the polluted air I breathe
Purifying for a few days
And me learning the meaning
Of breathing clean air
The basic human occurrences everyone’s subjected to
And I was bereft from
What you have given me is more mother’s milk to my infant soul
Crawling its way to civilizations now old enough to crumble
Your coming and going have shone lights to the depths
Rusting away in oceanic murk
You being the one presenting me with these times
Is as unexpected as a tsunami on a planet without a moon
Our attachment has grown
Mine towards you that I did not think was strong enough
But you’re leaving
And you’re leaving me transformed
With a structure that used to shudder at the prospect of embraces
With eyes that have now learned how to lock gazes
My structure aches for the warmth you’ve buried in my heart
Until we meet next time, my friend
As long as we meet next time
Till we hadn’t, however
I had not known
It would have been fine too
To spend our lives unmet
But now we have and I cannot go back
To have known friendship is alien enough
But to have experienced it outside the confines of distance
Is a universe light years away entirely
And to not experience it again
Would coffin me from heartache
So until we meet again
Thank you with the thousand hearts you reminded me I possess
With the thousand embraces
That could not come close to embracing you for the first time
Under the eastern coast’s afternoon sun
Until we meet again, my friend
Until we meet again
For times a thousand and one

Twenty Sixteen, Week One

I want to yell
I want to scream
I want to sing and dance from joy
I want to tear down the walls of my mind

What is this year?
How could it be so?
This is far more different than the decade past!

I cannot, do not, want to run it
Unwilling to process it, I sit here typing away
I need the creative juices flowing
Oh the innuendoes will kill me someday

What a week it has been!
I’m reluctant to jinx it
I wish not to speak of it
In fear I’ll lose it

But oh dear heart of mine
Oh the confines of my mind
Have not felt this fresh air
Coursing like wind through blades of grass

I shall write my heart out
I shall scream from joy
And not let a soul hear it
I shall hang my words like a painting
In hopes they are true to my heart

Time is slipping and I wish to ski
Across its slippery surface

It’s information overload for my brain
The kind of satisfaction that loads itself
At a net speed slower than on a Windows 2000

I have written more than I could say
These past few months
I did it for myself
And no audience got to glimpse it

Phrases and paragraphs just sitting between pages
Aching for another, even the slightest
Acknowledgement from me

But I swore to myself
I will not return
To the pages
Once I was done

Yet I caress the hidden contents
That came spilling out from skullular corners

This piece I’m typing is nowhere close
To filling my heart as well as emptying it

I may have strayed my way from verses
I may be subconsciously stringing curses
I’ll find my way back to the forest I’ve nymphed away from

Whatever unknown reason is tying me to itself
As I struggle to return home
Will eventually let go and loosen its hold

Dear poetry
My beloved
My forever
My one true lover

I haven’t given up on you yet
Nay, let’s just say
I’m not giving up on you ever

So, this happened yesterday. And realizations have been hounding me ever since.

Evidence Lacking Instances

There are birds on the chandeliers over my head
Sunlight lingering on artfully arranged parapets
Faintly comforting clink and clatter in a background now all-too familiar
The beating wings now a thing of reality and not a shard of poetic fiction
Reflections on mirroring panes and the strangers on the other side
Even the persistent flies irritating my coffee are a thing worth mentioning
Crumbs and crumpled paper napkins the only evidence of a hunger extinguished
But there is no proof I can provide to prove
That the wandering ghost has been chased away
Actualized into a moment of nonfiction and pure clarity

Triangulating a Destination

One will cross oceans
One will overcome mountains
And I’ll travel a few hundred miles
All backpacking with a hope
That our unplanned plans aren’t soiled
By a fate that beguiles a fast approaching
And somewhat-uncertain time

One will haul dust in the pores
That have breathed in more stench and teargas than clean air
The dust of a nation rife with turmoil
Of a culture both buried and restructured
By the wrong hands for self-serving intentions
A land so beautiful it’s too proud to grant redemption
To the ones tearing it down

One will uproot the forests and barriers
Lying in the shadows of the Himalayas
Sweat-soaked from the clouds that wait in line to pour
He boasts and groans of his state being the “wettest place on earth”
A few dozen inappropriate jokes come along the statement
The fountain of wisdom will show up crammed
With more facts on mythos than any Google search could ever drum up

And I, I’ll try to pack the humid air of my land
In the frizziness of my jam-packed mane of ideas
The riverine sand and stacks of doodles featuring us 3
Images we’re together in but not quite and not yet
A destination we’re triangulating towards
A meet I’ll blister my feet for, and if need be;
I’ll hitchhike with spicy food to wherever my two stars are

And we’re tragicomic triangles as we call ourselves
The mountain-forest spirit, the equilateral of all things equal
The ocean-crosser, we impose on him the title of balance, isosceles
And I, scalene, the unconventional weirdo
We edge our corners, whetting them for the nearing strikes of wits and humour
The destination we seek is not a place but a moment in our lives

The moment of an image, really, truly… Shared together.


She was a sun-kissed catastrophe
Sauntering about abandoned roads
Heels smothered into sharp confinement
Her drunken mirth echoing off the aging leaves

She spun spinning the world with her
A ringlet of foliage burning and blurring
Meshing the heat of desire with an emerald lust
And the world blended into her formless mould

The watchful gaze of a swirling sun
Braided her existence into a dusty vertigo
This was no one’s land and she was no one’s woman
She belonged to the sun’s fire and the earth’s bed of grass

Stumbling through russet groves of hazel limbs
A sanguine vista splaying the last of its fierce affections
Under the emerging stars she collapses by a winding creek
As nightfall struggled to numb the warmth blanketing her sleep

Sunken Ships and Yawning Depths

Help! I’m drowning
Trying to keep my head out of water
As tentacular expectations wrap around my feet
Sucking the marrow of my hopes dry
Help, I’m falling
Into the depth of an ocean
That shouldn’t exist inside my exhausted ribs
Help, I’m being tugged
By sharks shredding the remnants of my will
And I have not a moment to spare
For the verses raging to rip out of my throat
In a gurgled scream
How do you escape the azure you are trapped in
When there are no walls to break out of?
A sunken ship, an empty-veined vessel
The depths call to me
Do I let the water in?
Blurs of light wink out where hope once lived
An ankle that misses the silver gifted by a tender hand
A chest now too sob-tired to breathe
A loosened braid of attempts at ‘keeping it together’
The anatomy of a well-built mind too cleaved to remain stitched
And I drift submerged
In the mortal opacity of this turquoise space
Stone-cold, bone-cold, there is a nakedness in drowning
It engulfs every inch of flesh and soul
Every hateful, lovable, and forgettable part perishing at its touch
How foolish it always is to think of ourselves as impenetrable forces of will
Even mountains are raw material when waves go sculpting
And I’m merely someone who almost drowned as a child in a 4 ft pool
It tasted my fear then, it calls to me now
The depthless depths yawning far below, exposing its blackened maw
Sound is a fading pulse and clarity is stripped of illusions
Every sphere of breath having made its escape
I am now one with the ocean
And I am too imbued with this sacred quietude
To recall the phenomena called fear
To remember the clangour of hollowness
For the formerly sunken ship and empty-veined vessel
I am just too aflush, with peace of an undiluted kind