She was caught in the flair of poetry

In the hypnotic shadow dance

Of her wayward arms


Pulsating through her ears

An alien music 

Puppeteering her heartbeats


A whirlwind of movement

A hurricane of emotions

She let the beats pull her strings


Undressing her inhibitions

As they fell away

Unshackled she twirled 


Her hips like the crack

Of lightning



A naked image

Of her clothed persona

Outlined in the dark


A living soul

Alive tonight

A mere spark


I found

What I wasn’t looking for

And in its finding

I unearthed

A desire

A yearning

Cobwebbed from sight.


Then I found

All I’d been telling myself

All these years

To be untrue


And my denials

To be baseless


I may not have searched for it

Yet I have yearned for it

And that

Has made all the difference

NaPoWriMo ’14 – Conquered.

NaPoWriMo done. Whoop!

Completing this challenge establishes in me a sense of accomplishment, which I think is essential for my writing. So I don’t slack.

I counted and realized I’ve posted 43 poems during these 30 days.

While I think that’s a lot, I’ve actually written some more stuff in my notebook which I haven’t posted on here. What a month of writing. A month of joy.

And I’m so glad I’ve come across some amazing fellow poets through NaPoWriMo. I’m in absolute awe of their works. Keep it up, guys! :D

I should sleep now. 05:15 am already. Good night/morning! :)


Much love,




‘Twas the iceberg sinking friendships


Poisoning my being


Blocking blossoms


Giver of restlessness


I uprooted it with my teeth


Venom dripping from my mouth

Anger, gone

It put me to sleep

Anger, dead

I woke up, calmer

Anger, nonexistent

Me, experiencing life better




My last one for NaPoWriMo. :)